LightLogger Keylogger

Find out what goes on with your PC when you're not around



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LightLogger Keylogger is a program that lets you discreetly find out everything that happens with your computer – what programs get opened, which webpages get visited, which clips get copied to your clipboard, etc. – when you're not around All of this, of course, without other users finding out.

Once you’ve installed LightLogger Keylogger, all you have to do to get it started is click Start Hidden Mode and remember the combination of keys you set up to access the options again. By default it's Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L to open the menu.

Using the settings options, you can set up exactly what information you want LightLogger Keylogger to monitor. You can also set the time interval between screenshots. Just be careful, as if you take too many screenshots you can overfill your hard drive quite quickly.

LightLogger Keylogger is a spy program that, like all programs of this type, should be used cautiously. Don’t forget that nobody likes to be spied on!
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